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  • Good Enough
    I’m always looking for a good daily devotional. Allow me to share with you one that was shared with me. “Good Enough: 40ish devotionals for a life of imperfection”, written by Kate Bowler and Jessica Richie last year.  I figure, when I underline half the preface the non-Roman numeral pages must be meaning-full, too.  Pg … Read more
  • Re-Entry
    During my retirement from full time ministry (but not from discipleship), I was a hospice chaplain, I served two churches I love as a bridge associate pastor and a bridge pastor, and I would drive and “preach and run” at various churches on various Sundays. Last Spring I went through the certification process of being … Read more
  • Whopper War
    A seminary summer in Clinical Pastoral Education was at Georgia Baptist Hospital in Atlanta. In three months, I encountered more situations than in three years of ministry. My peers and I received supervised reflection on our pastoral care that helped us mature three years in three months. One encounter was not with a patient but … Read more

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